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Actor / Writer / Storyteller


About Me

Ellie is an award-winning playwright, actress, producer and the star of her solo show, Driver's Seat. Ellie is passionate about storytelling as a way to connect with others. She is inspired to create and share work that normalizes mental health, finds humor in moments of pain, and uplifts voices that are often overlooked. 

In 2020 Ellie wrote her solo performance piece based on her mental health crisis and hospitalization. She has been touring her solo show Driver's Seat ever since. She is always updating the show as her treatment journey continues to evolve. 

She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, right across the river from her home city of Cambridge. 

Ellie loves dogs, dancing (poorly), salt water, the band MUNA, and is extremely passionate about ice cream.

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